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SERVICES provided by Sigmed Imaging for CT & PET Scanners

We deliver you outstanding resources and know-how from our knowledgeable and driven medical equipment and services team. Keeping it simple you call into a live team member who will provide help & parts you’re looking for, without having to jump through the hoops. Or use our advanced search system to look by part number, name or OEM.

De-Install / Re-Install

We will provide a plan, coordinate with your team and ensure that any change your need with your modalities is delivered in budget and on time.


Delivering your imaging equipment safely, securely and on time is what we deliver every time.


Our goal with each client is to assist every step of the way weather it is de-installing, installing, providing parts or training to your team on the newest protocols in imaging. We'll educate your imaging service team giving them in-depth, hands-on experience with their newly installed equipment and our applications training team.  In-house or not, we pass the expertise along to you. Request the training or service and we will make sure it is delivered to you.

System Sales

Our team provides pre-owned and refurbished diagnostic imaging systems, CT and PET/CT to hospitals, imaging centers, and private medical practices.

Service Contracts

Our comprehensive knowledge in CT and PET/CT allows us to not only service these modalities but maintain a maximum up-time so your patients health is taken care of.

With our dedicated team we can ship parts anywhere using all methods.  Shipping can be done using overnight services, direct courier service and next flight out.  We understand the importance of maintaining maximum up-time for your operation.  

  • Flexible Response Time
  • Service Hours Uptime Guarantee
  • Number of Preventative Maintenance Visits

We stand behind all of our parts and equipment with a “Warranty of Excellence” to insure you operate the way you expect.