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Providing the Best CT and PET Parts

Providing the Best CT and PET Parts

What goes into supplying medical companies and other stakeholders with good CT/PET equipment and parts? Part of it involves knowing about the roles that these machines play in everyday clinical use, and how to support busy offices in delivering the very best in patient care.


More than Just Oncology

In addition to helping to detect and manage different kinds of cancers, CT and PET imaging equipment is very useful in a busy medical system in many ways. Doctors and nurses know this, as they try to keep these equipment in the best condition possible.

In terms of overall use, experts have pointed out that “imaging modalities are commonly differentiated as functional or anatomical in nature,” and that “both categories of information are complementary and when combined allow integration of data.”

Millions of scans are done on patients each year, and these machines have to work properly to provide good results.


CT/PET and Hybrid Imaging Technologies

Companies are continuing to make headway on optimizing CT/PET systems. With the correct technique and modern advances, CT and PET machines can help to show highly accurate mapping and good detail in imaging diagnosis.

Part of that is limiting the noise in a system and clarifying the signal. Some of it involves analyzing attenuation corrections or other similar processes. All of it adds to keeping these machines nearer a “desired state.”

In addition to the structural and logistical parts of the machine, the electronics are critically important for CT/PET gear. We provide the parts and components that lead to properly functioning imaging machines.

That's part of our philosophy and mission behind delivering these products to our customers. Some of these involve busy B2B offices that need to reasonably accommodate the needs of a health system without spending too much time on any given contract. In other words, they can be under pressure. It helps to have a supplier that you can rely on for good communications and above all, high quality. Whether it’s a chassis, a converter, a power cradle or anything else, we have the acumen to provide the results that you need from the gear that you order.

Our e-commerce model helps, too. We've developed a catalog approach that we think is complementary to the needs of healthcare systems. These are a special category of buyers with their own challenges and difficulties. We know this, and part of our sales model is acknowledging these processes and helping to make them effective. With over 62 years of experience delivering quality to customers, we offer GE parts, systems, and best-in-class service. For everything you need with GE CT and PET systems, we are here to help you to up your game and build clinical successes.
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