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Spotlight On CT And PET Parts AT Sigma Imaging

Spotlight On CT And PET Parts AT Sigma Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging has changed the medical landscape by providing sophisticated tools that increase the proficiency and speed of diagnosing patients' illnesses and injuries. Diagnostic imaging machines are among the most complex equipment in modern hospitals and medical facilities, supplying health care systems with competitive new technology that produces high-quality results. 

The advanced technological nature of diagnostic imaging machines requires specific parts and support to function correctly over time. At Signed Imaging, we provide health care facilities with the critical components and parts that diagnostic imaging machines need to operate optimally in high-tech facilities. You'll find these and other high-quality products and dependable customer service at Signed Imaging when you need CT and PET parts

Detector Module

5212209 532578 BGO 8x6 Detector Module GE Discovery 600 & 610 DMOD PET/CT Scanner

The detector module consists of eight detector units, a preamplifier board, and a T-bone. These units are positioned within the module and controlled by module gluing fixtures holding the module mounting frame and eight detector units. The preamplifier board receives the high voltage from the power supply and distributes it to the detectors in the unit. The current signals from the PMTs (Photomultiplier Tubes) are then converted into voltage signals and transmitted to the Raptor. 

JH4 Inverter with Shields Assembly

2281950-4 JH4 Inverter with Shields Assembly for GE CT

The JH4 inverter with shields in an assembly in computed tomography is used in discovery in GE CT systems. This unit consists of the transistor, screws, washer locks, heatsink and inductor temp sensor, capacitors, resistors, power hpv2 circuit board, and JH4 inverter v2 sheet metals. This product is made from a corrosion-resistant material with flexibility, strength, and ductility for excellent performance and increased longevity. 

BGO Detector Module

5131624 BGO Detector Module - 6X8 Block High Resolution

Bismuth Germanium Oxide (BGO) is used in nuclear medicine and other industry detectors. Bismuth Germanate arrays are used for gamma pulse spectroscopy and in diagnostic imaging systems advancing the practice of medicine. Today, most companies who build PET scanners use BGO crystals as the scintillator due to their high density and average atomic number, giving it a higher stopping power for the gamma rays. Because of this, PETs can use more minor individual detector elements providing higher image resolution results. BGO detectors can also be arranged in modular detector systems or blocks for maximum efficiency.

GE CT & PET Parts

Purchase Your GE CT and PET imaging parts from a source you can trust. Your diagnostic imaging systems are central to your health care facility's successful operations. Signed Imaging is your trusted industry leader in parts and services when you need to replace parts on your CT or PET imaging machines. Our experienced team takes pride in our knowledge of GE CT and PET imaging parts and is committed to your 100% satisfaction.

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