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5 Reasons To Replace a Gated Acquisition and Sort Module

5 Reasons To Replace a Gated Acquisition and Sort Module

CT scanners are a vital tool for medical professionals, providing detailed images of the human body that can be used to diagnose and treat conditions. However, these scans must have the right gated acquisition and sort module (GASM) installed to be accurate and reliable.

There will come a time when your existing GASM will need to be replaced. Outfitting your CT scanner with one of our 46-288384g1 GASMs can benefit you.

Below are some reasons why replacing your existing GASM is a good idea.

Improved Image Quality

You can expect improved image quality when you upgrade to a 46-288384g1 GASM. These modules offer higher accuracy, faster data acquisition speeds, and improved noise reduction compared to an older model.

Furthermore, its customizable options and features can be tailored to your needs. With the improved image quality, medical professionals can get a more accurate picture of the patient's condition.

Better Data Acquisition Times

Faster data acquisition and sorting times are among the most significant advantages of replacing an older GASM with a 46-288384g1 model. With this module, medical professionals can expect their scans to be acquired and sorted in a fraction of the time it would take with an outdated model.

The speed increase is due to the module's more efficient operation and comprehensive range of supported applications. This means medical professionals can get the results they need faster to make informed decisions about their patients' plans.

Increased Cost Savings

Replacing your current GASM also comes with cost savings. Our modules are designed to last longer than their predecessors, meaning you won'twon't to replace them as often.

Faster data acquisition and sorting times mean you can complete more scans in less time; this results in increased productivity for medical professionals and reduced operational costs.

In addition, our modules are designed with energy efficiency in mind. This helps reduce electricity costs and your overall carbon footprint.

Reduced Radiation Exposure

Replacing an outdated GASM module with a 46-288384g1 model can reduce radiation exposure for patients. Medical professionals using CT scanners equipped with this module can acquire and sort data more quickly, meaning they don't need to increase the dose of radiation given to the patient to complete a scan.

This is especially beneficial for patients who have to undergo multiple scans, as the overall exposure to radiation will be reduced significantly. Our GASM modules also have advanced safety features such as motion detection and built-in filters, which can further reduce patient radiation exposure.

The Ability To Detect Small Abnormalities and Lesions

Replacing an outdated GASM module with a new model can also improve the ability to detect small lesions or abnormalities. This is due to the module's improved noise reduction capabilities, essential for detecting smaller details in a scan.

The improved accuracy and resolution of images produced with this module can help medical professionals to detect abnormalities or lesions that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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