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Healthcare Networks And CT/PET Machines

Healthcare Networks And CT/PET Machines

It’s important to have good service agreements and business partnerships for CT/PET machines – that’s something that healthcare people know a lot about. They have the responsibility to source this type of technology and the obligation to figure out what's cost-effective for the business. Also, the patient's health and safety are on the line. So this is a high-pressure industry, and we understand that. We provide professional services to help with the costs and the logistics of up keeping key diagnostic information and other medical tools that have to work well day to day to support good clinical care and best patient outcomes.

Here are some of the benefits of working with SigMed Imaging in a busy healthcare provider network or office.

Costs and Administration

One of the biggest benefits of a working business relationship with us is the money that your health network will save over time.

We have the parts and systems that power modern diagnostic machines at a fraction of the prices that you would find elsewhere. So you can deal with trusted partners who understand the value of affordable support. The support also makes things easier on administrators who have a lot to do in a given day. HITECH, HIPAA and other changes have changed the face of healthcare in specific ways, ways that can leave professionals feeling a bit overwhelmed. But good supplier partnerships can help.

Economy of Scale

Going along with the above pricing issue, we also offer an economy of scale that can help you save more money on operating costs. That means getting a continual supply of parts and systems to keep all of your equipment in good working order. And again, it can kind of relieve pressure on a busy department where admins need to wear a whole lot of hats.

Installation and Service

We also install some systems, which can be another benefit to our customers. Sometimes the logistics of installation play a key role in your shopping experience and your business process. You might be looking at business process optimization or business process reengineering in order to get a better result. Getting an agreement in place might be one component of that.

Reliable Warranties

We also offer 30 and 90 day warranties on parts and systems that help you to have peace of mind about supporting diagnostic machines and equipment in the field.

Preventative Maintenance

Professionals know that preventative maintenance is critically important. By keeping machines in good order, you have less of a chance that they're going to fail spectacularly while they are in use.

So that's another element of what our teams do, engineering preventative maintenance practices that work.

Take a look at the rest of the site and get in touch with SigMed Imaging for new supplier contracts that will free up functionality in your healthcare network.

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