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5 Signs Your Medical Imaging Equipment Needs a New CEM Board

5 Signs Your Medical Imaging Equipment Needs a New CEM Board

Having the right CT scanner parts on hand is essential for medical imaging equipment to function properly. One of the most important components of any CT scanner is its Central Electronics Module (CEM) board, which controls all electrical functions. A malfunctioning CEM board can cause various issues that can lead to costly repairs and downtime.

The medical imaging industry generates over $117 billion in revenue annually. If you want to keep your medical imaging facility open and profitable, functional equipment is a must. Getting to know your equipment can help you spot repair issues early on.

The following are signs you might notice when you need a new CEM board.

The CEM Board is Visibly Damaged

Visible damage to the CEM board can be a telltale sign that it needs to be replaced. The board contains various components, including capacitors, resistors, and diodes, which can sustain physical damage if not properly handled.

This can reduce the CT scanner's functionality and cause malfunctions in imaging quality. If you notice any chips, cracks, or discoloration on the board, it's time to replace the CEM board.

The Medical Imaging Equipment Does Not Power On 

When medical imaging equipment fails to power on, it is a sign that an underlying issue needs to be addressed. In many cases, the Central Electronics Module (CEM) board of the CT scanner is at fault.

The CEM board controls all electrical functions within the CT scanner and malfunctions can lead to the CT scanner not powering on. If the CT scanner fails to power on, check for any visual damage to the CEM board and consider replacing it if necessary.

Issues With Distorted Images

If medical imaging equipment does not display an image at all or displays a distorted image, it is often a sign that the CT scanner needs to have its Central Electronics Module (CEM) board replaced.

A CT scanner with a malfunctioning CEM board often displays distorted images, lines, and other artifacts. The CEM board is responsible for controlling the CT scanner's electrical functions and any malfunction can lead to poor image quality.

Noisy Images That Lack Clarity

Noisy and unclear images are another common symptom of CT scanner parts needing repair or replacement. This usually indicates a malfunctioning CEM board, which causes the CT scanner to have difficulty accurately capturing an image. If your CT scanner produces noisy images that lack clarity, it's likely time to replace the CEM board.

Remote Console Commands Aren't Being Received

One particularly troublesome issue is when the system fails to respond to commands from a remote console. Failing to respond to commands from a remote console can lead to downtime, as well as diagnostic and treatment delays that could harm patient care. This is why replacing the defective CEM module causing this problem is important.

Need Quality CT Scanner Parts?

If you're experiencing one or more of the issues covered here, it's time to order a replacement CEM module from Sigmed Imaging.

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