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Parts For GE PET/CT Machines

Parts For GE PET/CT Machines

Diagnostic imaging machines are some of the most sophisticated and complex equipment in modern hospitals today. These machines need specific parts and support to function well over time. Quality matters! To really compete, health care networks need to have the best new technology, in the best condition possible.

At Sigmed Imaging, we supply the critical parts and components that stakeholders need to operate these high-quality installations in a high-tech medical facility.

Our commitment to quality and integrity of products has a lot to offer the market as the healthcare field continues to benefit from assistive technologies. This type of process supports the clinical work that doctors do to save lives and improve patient health.

Module Design

Part of our catalog includes detector modules for GE PET/CT machines. We also have gated acquisition and sort modules to plug into this complex formula that supports a good and well-working imaging solution.

In technology as a whole, machines are starting to do more to assist humans in diagnosing visual results. That makes a difference, again, in clinical outcomes, so it’s a field that is worth improving!

Preamp PWA

These types of parts are also critical for the functioning of modern GE PET/CT machines. By supporting OEM design, our catalog creates capability for a buyer to keep these machines in proper condition for long-term function.

Source Loader and Thompson Rail

Those familiar with this industry will know what these parts do, and why they're important. Again, quality is of the utmost concern. Take a look at product specifications to see what is sufficient for your machines.

CEM Board

These complex operating boards have to be made to a certain standard.

Here's how the catalog describes this GE PET/CT part:

“This Highlander Cassette Electronics Module (H-CEM) board is located in the Raptor chassis inside the Gantry framework or platform. It is powered by an FPGA-based softcore micro-controller that receives commands from the external world and performs various single acquisition and calibration tasks. An H-CEM is a collection of 24 block electronics into a single Printed Wiring Assembly (PWA). … The H-CEM assembly is made of high-temperature FR-4 material, designed with a forced convection cooling system for heat loads of up to 65W per assembly. This H-CEM board serves as the detector block and is used with Discovery ST (8, 16, and 128 Slice) and Discovery STE (8 and 16 Slice) PET/CT systems.”

It's easy to see the caliber of design philosophy in play here.

By having all of this in one comprehensive catalog, we are helping to create the modern future for healthcare that will keep pushing the standard higher in terms of diagnostic imaging.

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